Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring a skip for the first time can be overwhelming. Often, is it assumed you are already aware of how the hiring process operates. In our experience this isn’t always the case, and to make the hiring process easier for our clients we have created these frequently asked questions to assist you.

What forms of waste can you put in the skip?

The best way to know what to throw into the skip is to point out what should not be in the skip. These are some products that should not be discarded into the skip. These are generally items that are considered ‘hazardous waste’ and therefore need to be disposed of in a controlled manner.

  • Asbestos
  • Tree roots
  • Bitumen
  • Fridges, freezers, AC units
  • Gas cylinders
  • Liquids/chemicals (inc. paint)
  • Plasterboard (unless you have ordered a plasterboard skip)
  • Tyres
  • TVs and PCs screens
  • Mattresses

*It is important to note that when these products are detected in your skip, you can incur additional charges for them.

What Size of Skip Should You Hire?

The perfect size of your skip depends on how much waste you have to dispose of. We generally recommend going for a slightly bigger skip if you are unsure as it is more economical than having to hire a second skip if you run out of space. All skips should be filled as a ‘level load’ meaning that the waste should not exceed the height of the sides of the skip. This is important for safety during transit. When a skip is overfilled this can lead to additional charges being applied to the skip hire. If you are unsure which skip size you need, we can discuss your requirements and advise accordingly.

What is a Skip Hire License?

If you have to put a skip on a public road instead of private land, you will usually require a skip licence. Any skip in a public space is called an ‘on-road’ skip. A licence must be obtained before you place the skip in a public space. To obtain the licence an application must be made to the local authority for the area in which the skip is to be placed. If your skip does need a licence Maxi Skips will apply for one on your behalf and handle to the process for you. You will need to pay the relevant charges and wait for a few days for the licence to be issued. If your skip does need a licence, we will provide you with all the relevant information, including additional costs, at the time of booking.

Should I Hire a Household/Mixed Waste Skip or a Plasterboard Skip?

Plasterboard is considered a ‘controlled waste’ product. What this means is that because it cannot be recycled easily, and it does not degrade over time, it has to be disposed of in a controlled manner. Because of this, additional charges apply when disposing of plasterboard and therefore it is important that plasterboard is not placed into a ‘mixed waste’ skip. If you have plasterboard to be disposed of you can order a ‘plasterboard only’ skip. Plasterboard only skips also come in a variety of sizes. If you are unsure which skip size you require our friendly team can assist with you in choosing.

Do I Need to Hire a Skip or a Bulk Bag?

Our Bulk Bags are roughly 1 cubic metre in size and are perfect for smaller items like gardening waste, small DIY projects and general waste clearance. Our Bulk Bags can also be hired in two categories depending on the type of waste you have. These are:

  • Household/Mixed Waste (no prohibited items)
  • Plasterboard Only

A skip is usually required to get rid of heavier waste. This includes larger DIY projects, house clearances or building works. Getting a waste removal skip will ensure your property stays clean and free from lots of debris. A skip is better to get rid of debris because it has enough weight and space to accommodate the waste. It is also safer and more cost effective than a man and van rubbish clearance. 

How Long Does the Skip Hire Last?

The maximum time allowed for the skip hire is 14 days. However, most people want their skip removed as soon as it is full. To arrange for your skip to be collected simply call us on 0800 731 3821.


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